Thursday, January 31, 2008

Above the Clouds on a Beautiful Sunshine Filled Day

I love going out skiing with my friend Kellie. She's a total crackup. We had a super mellow tour that only involved three runs, lots of chatting, and only being a half hour late back to the car (I had a group project to get too). We got to ski in the sun, which was absolutely glorious. The clouds parted for us on the way up, and stayed below us while we skied.


Kellie demonstrating her idea of the "new technical", instead of merely skiing with your poles in your hand, you step on it when you lock down your heel, so you can add some "extreme" to your ski adventure! Did I mention she is an "extreme" skier? :)



Looking up at our tracks coming down Super Bowl, it was so fun I couldn't help but sing the whole way down....I'm a bit embaressing to be out with, but it was pretty brilliant.

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