Monday, January 14, 2008

Avi Class at Hatchers Pass

I was tenth on the waiting list to get into the Avi class this weekend up in Hatchers Pass, so I was incredibly stoked to be called on Monday with a chance to attend. It did not disappoint.
Overall it was a great review on things that I already knew, with a hodgepodge of new info, and definitely an excellent opportunity to refresh on my beacon searching skills. They teach you to be incredibly paranoid and conservative, and I felt lucky that I have enough experience to know when to be that way.
The only bummer of the course was that I got stuck with a mixed group of skiers and slow shoers....slow shoers are well....slow. They can't go up or down the same terrain as skiers, and when on the last day we finally got to travel, we were stuck in slow shoe country.....which I guess was a good chance for me to practice patience and the art of being around snow and not being able to ski it....
With that said, I would however highly recommend the class to anyone that likes to travel in the back country and has not taken this course....there is a lot of good information and skills packed into 3 days of class.

The Historic Independence Mine


A Ski Group Heading up the Ridge


Big Beautiful Surface Hoar Frosties


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