Friday, November 28, 2008

Nineteen Mile Wall

We woke up to at least a foot of fresh wet powder covering the car, the road and the climbs. It was glopped on Bridal Veil, Green Steps and Simple Twist. The wind was blowing through the canyon, and everything looked pretty unapplealing. So we headed up the road and ended up stopping below the Nineteen Mile Wall.

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Snowy Alder Tromping
Photo By: Lynn Peterson

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It was a ridiculously snowy tromp up about 400 feet through snow laden alder trees. Ryan won the first rosh and alternated between climbing and shoveling his way up the route. The upper pitch was steep and free of snow. It was humbling, I got so gripped. It looked so short, but it totally kicked my ass.

Me Leading the Upper Pitch
Photo by Lynn Peterson


Ryan Rappelling the Upper Pitch


Ryan Leading the Lower Right Route


Parts of Lynn, Ry and I

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Clint Helander said...

I've got a book you should look at.

It's called 'The Rock-Paper-Scissor Strategy Guide' and will certainly make you win every lead you ever want.

Hint Hint...rock is a dominate throw, paper is sly and usually a strong throw against a guy.

Want more info? Come 'fight' me and I'll teach you all I know, young grasshopper.

Glad you had a fun time in the Dez!