Saturday, November 1, 2008

Its That Time Again!!

Its been so clear and cold the last two weeks, that I couldn't imagine ice not being in. So Ryan and I went to Eklutna Canyon on Friday to suss things out.

Mad Dog was in its usual anemic form, and we dropped a top rope down and gave it a few goes. We weren't sure what was ahead.

Ryan Rappelling Down Mad Dog


We climbed back out of Mad Dog and continued down the high trail to the secret fork. The mini river was flowing fast with no ice bridges, but theres that huge tree that hangs over the river. I was too paranoid to walk across it, so Ry and I got down and straddled it. Very effective!

The Butt Scoot Method


The river after the split in the canyon was great. We crossed it back and forth, and didn't get our feet wet once. Champipple was pretty non existant, TJ Swann was formed at the bottom, but not the top, which is different than the last few years, but Ripple made up for them all. Comparitively to what else is in the Canyon right now its huge, thick, and still grade 3. I love Ripple, its my favorite early season warm up.

Me on Ripple


After we finished ripple we went to look at Boones Farm and Annie, Boones, was in, its just not a very fun climb, and there was not a single icicle on Annie...totally non existent.

Ryan Rappelling Ripple

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ginnylynnpeterson said...

Thanks for the great photos and canyon update....maybe we should head back to the miter??! LOVE the yellow puff puff in the forest!