Saturday, March 15, 2008

Stairway Adventure

I think this was in the top three most fantastic ski experiences ever. I'm pretty much a iceclimber, so it has to be super good for me to go skiing when I am surrounded by long beautiful ice routes.

Valdez Dawn


So Ryan, Lynn, Skine, Kremer, Jared, Neil, Leah, and Phil all got dropped off on "the Perch" by the heli, unfortunately it couldn't land on the summit because of high winds. We all skied variations of a beautiful couloir and then the boot packing extravaganza began.

Jared and Neil Bootbacking


The last couloir we did was pretty exciting. It was about 1,600 and the last 300 feet just got narrower and steeper. At the tippy top of it my skis wouldn't have fit I slid back down to where they would! There was a horrendously cold and strong wind at the top as well, so we were all in a hurry to strap our skis on a get out of there. I actually successfully made jump was a pretty proud moment for me!

Lynn, Phil, and Ryan at the Top of the Super Fun Couloir


This is a picture of the Super Fun Couloir, Lynn is a little dot on the left side of the climb. The lookers right of the picture you can see a little snow ramp at the top, and that was our high point. It was pretty amazing skiing....perfectly steep.

A View Up the Super Fun Couloir


Stairway Area, Valdez 2008_03_13
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Kellie said...

And she goes skiing during an ice climbing festival - I never cease to be amazed by evolution ;-)

Looks like you guys are having a fabulous trip - guess I shoulda sucked up for the drive!