Monday, October 8, 2012

A Night Away at the Snowbird Hut

I just wanted a night of solitude in a beautiful place, and the fact that the Snowbird hut has a heater makes it my favorite place! The Archangel valley road was still open and completely clear of snow. I carried my skis about 1,800 feet up to the snow line but since there is a 4,000 ft gain to the pass I got to skin up a solid 2000 ft and across the glacier to the hut.

Looking down toward the Bartolff Valley

The views did not suck.
Peaks in the Mint Glacier Area

Frozen runnel lines on the Snowbird glacier looked completely unappealing for skiing in the morning.

 The Snowbird Hut was awesome as usual. 

I used my entire container of kerosene the first night and it made leaving the next day much easier.  The skiing down was thin but supportable while it lasted.

Looking down toward Palmer

 I feel lucky to live in such and beautiful place and have the time off to enjoy it.
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