Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ridiculously Early Season Skiing

There was literally two inches of fresh snow on the road up to Hatcher Pass. Ryan is a ridiculously optimistic skier and wanted to carry his skis up to April Bowl, where he imagined much more snow. I decided to play along and count ski weight as better exercise.

Ryan with Independence Mine in the background

Walking the skis 

Yep we walked our skis all the way to the top of April Bowl, there was about a 2-6 inch "base" of wet snow that had frozen and was now very supportable...just not very deep.  We skied from the top dodging rocks poking through the thin crust, it definitely wasn't worthy of a second lap.  Then we took off our skis and walked back down.

At least the views didn't suck, I love looking over mountain ranges, Denali dominated the skyline.

Ryan and Me
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