Thursday, August 9, 2012

Packrafting the Chickaloon River

Its funny how I didn't really know what I was getting myself into when Kellie asked me if I wanted to go float the Chickaloon river. I was anticipating a 4 mile walk, and on the drive there learned it was more like 15. Leaving early made so much more sense with that clarified.

We parked on the road by the river and started hiking up a four wheeler trail, which disappeared at about mile 2.

Then we were in the trees with no trail in site. As far as off trail travel goes it wasn't terrible, but it wasn't fast either.

It became clear we weren't going to make it the whole way and so we bailed back to the river, and got ready to float.

I have never felt so off balance packrafting before. I flipped my boat twice on waves that would usually not make me pause. The water was high and a little pushy, but I was just having an off day I guess.

Fun day out in a beautiful area, and I'll definitely know more when I go next year.
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