Saturday, June 25, 2011

Day 8: Yanert River to the Land of Cold Beer and Soft Beds

It was exciting to wake up and realize that we had one more float and then 8 or so miles on ATV trails and we would be back to civilization. The Yanert river was a super mellow float with one section of easily avoidable rocks. It was amazing after walking so slow for days to have the miles fly by with little effort, it made carrying the boat well worth it.

Ryan Floating the Yanert


We took out at Moose creek and found evidence of humans before us, a fire ring and trash.  There was a small trail that paralleled the river and eventually dumped into a larger four wheeler trail on the other side of Revine Creek. 


Pretty amazingly easy walking took us to a neighborhood where we could hear the highway but not see it.  I wanted to cut over through the trees but Lynn and Ryan definitely put the kabosh on that plan. 

Eventually we could see the airstrip and cut across the end of it and ended up at a lodge right next to the highway.  With cell phone service we made reservations at a hotel and arranged a pick up to take us to McKinley village.


My good buddy Rapheal drove up to get us, we were supposed to stay out late and dance to Big Fat Buddha. But after gorging myself I went into a food coma and needed to lay down.  No amount of heckling from Rapheal could bring me out of my stupor,  I was done for the night.

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Although my GPS was broken for the last 2 days I left it on while we traveled and was able to down load the tracks when I got home. The trip was about 130 miles with 19,000 feet of elevation gain.  We crossed 2 glaciers, and went over numerous passes and rivers. It has taken a while to digest the vast swathe of land we walked across, and go through the hundreds of pictures along the way.  A worthy trip, although one I probably won't do again.


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