Saturday, June 18, 2011

Day 1: Delta River to No Name Pass

I have wanted to do the Donnelly to McKinley village trip for a couple years. My good friend Lynn was able to get a little time to come up from DC, and Ryan managed to convince his work to let him off for 10 days. It sounded like a perfect combination of hiking and floating amidst big mountain scenery. My Dad is always looking for an excuse to go on a road trip and was easily on board to drop off us in Donnelly.


The Hayes Range


We blew up our boats and crossed the Delta River right across from McGinnis creek, it was a super easy crossing although the Delta was moving fast.


A little ways up McGinnis creek we headed right and got on a tractor trail that took us up above tree line, its always nice to avoid a bushwhack! The mountain views were spectacular.


We crossed a broad open valley of sponge land then started heading up a small drainage. Walking across wet, bouncy land with a fully loaded pack takes some energy, its frustrating to work hard and go slow! We stopped shy of our pass by a small creek, set up the mega mid and were at home.


I tracked the route on my GPS and then downloaded it to Google Earth.

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Slide Show of Ryan, Lynn and My Pics


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