Thursday, June 23, 2011

Day 6: Another Pass to the Wood River

Five days of walking on tussocks, rocks and through rivers took its toll on our feet.  Ryan's ankle was swollen and his feet covered in duct tape.  Luckily for us the walking was really good up the West fork of the Little Delta.


Across from a little cabin that seemed grossly out of place on the river in the middle of nowhere we cut up an unnamed drainage following a creek with iron stained rocks.  The clouds threatened rain, but only produced brief sprinkles.


We climbed to another 6,000 foot pass through the clouds.

As we came down we could start to see the Wood River, the prospect of floating at this point sounded like entering heaven.


We got to the Wood River at about 7 and were all excited to start floating.  We debated going up Grizzly creek, or floating another 4+ miles to Little Grizzly creek across from the closed down Denali Wilderness Lodge.  The Wood river was running swift through small braided channels, there was quite a bit of intermittent but scooting through shallow sections.

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I pulled my GPS out of my life jacket to see how fast I was floating and immediately saw the cracked touch screen.  No amount of further touching would bring it back to a functional state.  I'm embarrassed but I cried like a baby for at least 2 hours.  I love knowing exactly where I am and the ability to satisfy my curiosity about my exact distance, pace, elevation gain/loss, way points, ect was swiftly and unexpectedly gone.  We pulled out at Grizzly creek and camped for the night.

Geekery Courtesy of Garmin

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