Friday, May 6, 2011

Training at Eklutna Lake

My good buddy Rapheal said he would ride his bike with me while I went for my run at Eklutna Lake. I'm trying to build up some mileage so I can be in shape for more interesting runs and trots through the mountains this summer.


Rapheal had fun encouraging me to go faster, jump over more obstacles, and work harder. He got into his imaginary role as my personal trainer and decided I should be a triathlete and when I ran he would bike, when I swam he would row a boat, and when it was my turn on the bike, he would ride a motorcycle. We had a good laugh over that one.


The lake is still frozen but the trail is mostly dry. The mountains are still full of snow and look beautiful.


Every spring I wish I would have maintained my running shape through the winter, and every winter wish I had spent more time climbing in the summer. Its hard to stay in shape for everything.

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