Sunday, May 1, 2011

Icy Banks: Spring Float on the Matanuska

I'm craving summer. Even though the mountains are still full of snow I am just mentally over winter, maybe have been for a while! So Ryan, Rapheal, Bobbie Jo and I all decided to float part of the Matanuska river from close to King Mountain lodge to the King River.

There was still a lot of ice along the bank which influenced where Rapheal could launch his big raft.


The ice along the bank fractured into long spindly pieces and the tinkling sounds it made as it sheared it off the banks was musical.


The float was pretty mellow, low water but not butt boating, a perfect first float of the year.


Me, Rapheal, Bobbie Jo and Ryan

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It took about 3-4 hrs with stops along the way, a great day out.

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