Sunday, May 29, 2011

Glacier Creek

Ryan and I headed down to Glacier creek in Girdwood for some quick and easy packrafting. A beautiful 1 mile trail took us to the hand tram.


I love how right off the bat its go time on this fast little creek. I think this is my favorite type of float, low volume and splashy.


Ryan's boat got swamped and he couldn't avoid hitting the corner which dumped him out of his boat. He got out in an eddy and I caught his boat and pulled into an eddy on the opposite side of the river. Sometimes I debate bringing a throw rope because its not something you can use in the boat, but it can be effective in getting someone else stuck on the opposite shore without their boat a more secure way back across the river.


With that excitement behind us we cruised down the rest of the river, such a pretty place to spend a few hours.

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