Sunday, February 20, 2011

Hunter Creek Link Up

Its been clear and cold in the mornings, but once the sun hits its zenith, the warmth becomes significant. Later morning departures just make sense. The approach up Hunter creek was nicer than it usually is and was fast travel on foot.

Cassie Heading Up the Creek


There was a party going up Hollow head as we walked in, Lost in Space looked short, soft and blue, and another party was on Lost chord, so we stopped at Split Finish. This climb is super fun and low stress, the two pitches went fast and smooth and we were back on the ground looking at Lost Chord in a couple hours.

Cassie Rappeling Split Finish


Lost Chord is in Fat. I chose a line out of the active drips and the ice was overall pretty wonderful. Its one long satisfying pitch.

Cassie Rappeling Lost Chord


When we reached the bottom of Lost Chord we still had ample daylight ahead of us and it only made sense to go look at Hollow Head. From the base I could see where the team in the morning had gone up, and the fresh hooks were to tempting to resist.

Things were going smooth and we were set to get out before dark, but an alder rope altercation put us behind schedule.

Cassie and I Topping Out on Hollow Head

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We walked back to the car by head lamp, happy to have filled the day with good climbing.

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