Thursday, February 10, 2011

Glacier Creek Exploration

Bill and I bailed from Valdez and were soon back under the clear cold skies of the Matanuska valley. I got to stay up at their yurt, which is always fun, AND Betsy made me the most beautiful hat with a pink flower on top. She is so crafty.

The next morning we had a leisure breakfast and headed out on the snow machine to Glacier Creek. There were lots of options for climbing, but we decided to instead do a little exploring up a steep couloir for a closer look at a potential smear.

Bill Starting Up


It was pretty comical when we finally arrived at the base of the smear. Its not often that you get deceived into thinking something is bigger than it looks, the ice at the base of the "pillar" was about 6 inches around. It was hilarious. Maybe some year it will come in a little better.


We enjoyed the view from on top of a skinny little ridge and then headed back down.


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After hiking up a couple thousand feet, I felt pretty fat and old again. We considered our options, and decided that we were satisfied with the day.

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