Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas in Sheep Creek

I've never seen Valdez with this little of snow except in the summer. The wind had been howling for days, and seemed to have little intention of stopping while we were there. We drove through Keystone canyon and parked across from Bridal Veil, the door about blew off as I opened it. It took about 2 minutes to safely decide there was no way I was going to climb anything in the canyon.

We ended up getting out of the car at Sheep creek, and toured up the river.


The climbs at the entrance of the canyon looked very nice in the sun. The puffies stayed on as we skied in the shade. The main climbs looked mostly in, not all of the top pillars were connected.



Nothing was enticing us to stop so we kept going until we hit a dead end...big open pool. We debated climbing, but I was already wearing all the clothes I had, and the thought of standing around and belaying was uber unappealing. Ryan wasn't super fired up either, we just couldn't motivate.

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So we went back to the hotel and watched cable television, drank beer and ate left over Chinese food.

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