Sunday, December 5, 2010

Ahihi and LaPerouse Bay

I ended up staying a few days on Maui after all of my family had left, although condo living was pretty swank, it was a little to high class for me to manage on my own. So instead I down graded to hostel living, which is still expensive in Hawaii.

I met a fellow Anchorage Alaskan named Troy and we spent a day out hiking and snorkeling. We first went to Ahihi bay, where the fish were plentiful, the water clear, and the coral colorful.

Snorkeling with the Fishes


Troy spotted an octopus that changed color as he approached. We backed away a few feet and then came close and it changed again. It was pretty cool.

Octopus Camouflage



La Perouse Bay is at the end of the road, and a huge lava flow covers most of the land. Wild goats are everywhere. We brought our snorkel stuff, but ended up just hiking in the lava flow and by the sea cliffs.

Hiking Above La Perouse Bay

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