Thursday, June 10, 2010

Urban Boating on Campbell Creek

I ride over Campbell creek about 6 times a week on my way to and from work and had noticed that it had gained a little bit of volume. Rapheal has told me about good times on Campbell creek for years, but I had never been down it.

Walking Down the Street to Campbell Creek


As we were blowing up our rafts another group of people were also blowing up an assortment of boats too. An hour later we saw them at the Peanut farm, they had popped 4 of the 6 boats...we saw boat carnage the whole way down, I don't understand why people don't pick up their popped boats? The river isn't that deep!

Blowing Up the Boats


Ryan and I had wished that we had packrafts on our last trip, and I have been wondering if it was even remotely plausible for Ryan and I to share a boat. So we tried it...and the verdict is that it can be done, there is no way we could carry overnight packs, and it was pretty scary to not be the one driving.

Ryan, Me and Rapheal

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It was a super fun float with barely any butt scraping, quite a few river wide strainers, and bar options at various points. Would probably do it again on a sunny day.

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