Monday, June 21, 2010

Late Night Mint Hut Trot

I work nights now, and I was on for 3 then off 1, back on for 3, so on my one night off I didn't really want to switch back to a day schedule. The only way I felt I could ensure I wouldn't fall asleep was to go do something outside. I stopped by the folks house, celebrated Father's day and then headed up to Hatcher Pass. I was a bit torn about where to go, but settled on the Gold Mint trail. I left the car at midnight, my camera made it look darker than it was, overall not very good lighting for my point and shoot camera.

Almost the Solstice


I can't really call my pace a walk, jog, or run, but more of a trot. The first 5 miles of the trail have been updated and is in excellent condition...the last 3 miles could use a little work. Although the night was clear I got completely soaked from the dew on the bushes.

Me in the Gold Mint Valley


The only wildlife I saw all night were some very busy beavers. It was very quiet and peaceful out there.

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May we each inspire one another to achieve all we dream of..... said...

I feel so lucky that I our paths have crossed....truly you are a magical, inspirational and amazing person and it is such an honour to call you my friend....thanks for you sharing!