Sunday, June 27, 2010

Hatcher to Kashwitna River: Day 2

Kellie and I woke up to a much improved weather situation. Although it was still cloudy bordering on dreary, we could finally see the mountains, and where we wanted to go.

Looking Down Towards Peter's River


The walking continued to be good through alpine tundra and boulder fields.

Alpine Lakes with Ice


Heading to Stegosaurus Pass


We thought it was pretty much downhill and easy travel to the Kashwitna river, and it probably would have been but we ended up back in the clouds reading contour lines. Its hard when there is only you and your partner because if you don't agree on the route, then there is no tie breaker.

The Nice Bushes

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Instead of staying high, we went low and ended up bing bonging from the river back up and down the mountain, then we started to run into cliffs. I was not happy to take off my pack and crawl up a ledge over a steep death drop, but it seemed like the best decision at the time. After infuriatingly slow travel we finally popped out on the banks of the Kashwitna river and set up camp.

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