Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Eagle River Valley and Eklutna Canyon

I've been seriously lazy this March, which is pretty lame just because it is the most worthy winter recreating month of the year. But I have either not been feeling it, or events have conspired against me. On this day though, I was about ready to jump out of my skin if I did not leave the house and get outside for some exercise.

I love the ski in and climbs back in Eagle River, plus the sun was hitting the valley floor the whole way back to Echo Bend. When I first saw Three Ring Circus I was greatly disappointed, it looked more appealing as a ski run than ice climb...the cherry on top was the shade that enveloped that whole side of the mountain. It was an easy way was I going to climb in the shade up a snow ramp.

Looking Down my Skis


I skied back a little past echo bend just enjoying the sun and occasionally questioning if the snow on the climb was really as deep as it looked. I just couldn't make myself do it, it looked that unappealing.

Eagle River Valley Animal Tracks


Little River Ponds


It was early in the day so instead of continuing up river I turned around and drove to Eklutna Canyon. Sometimes the best thing about the canyon is that its so highly trafficked that there is no snow on the climbs, and a bomber trail. I started with Annie, but decided it was too steep partway up, then did Boones and Ripple.

Self Portrait in the Canyon

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