Thursday, March 25, 2010

Bird Ridge

I haven't been out hiking just for hikings sake since fall, I've been walking through the woods, but always with a climbing or skiing objective. It was nice to be out wearing just running shoes and a slight day pack.

George Anne and I


George Anne mentioned wearing her studded running shoes, and so I did too, and it was much less treacherous than it could have been. A lot of people have been up the ridge, but like most trails the higher/longer out you get the smaller and crappier the trail is until it disappeared and we were post holing.



It was full on winter at the top of the ridge, the wind was cold and biting and the snow deep. Once we decided to turn around George Anne became like a bounding antelope and was half way down the ridge before I could get my camera out.

George Anne Running Down the Ridge

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It was nice to get back down to the car where it felt legitimately like spring again.

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