Monday, September 28, 2009

Just a Little Farther: Arctic Valley

I finally did something that I have wanted to do for years...kind of a silly goal really, but that has never stopped me before, nor did it make me pause long on this day. The funny thing is that it is totally insignificant to anyone but myself, and I still don't care....I finally did it!

In the Snow Line!

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Chair 1?


Me Being a Dork


I'm so old school that I used to ski at Arctic when there was a military and civillian side...the military dudes always wore jeans, and we laughed at them in our stylish florescent 80's wear and skinny skis...The old lodge that used to be up there is completely gone.

Looking Toward the Military Side


So I started at the golf course, jogged to the lodge, trotted to the valley that overlooks Hiland, went up Rendezvous Peak, then followed the ridgeline all the way down to where the old military ski area used to be, hit the road, and went back to the golf course. Usually it is all that I can do to get my ass to the lodge...that's why I'm psyched today I went further! Now the next goal is to do it faster...sometimes I could probably walk faster than I "run" uphill... : )


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