Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The End: Lakina River

This is without a doubt the most fun packrafting I have ever done. It was pretty much non stop action the whole time. I've done a lot of mellow floats this summer, but this was something different. It was borderline on what I am comfortable with, splashy and playful with some squeezes and short whoop-de-doo pour overs...We had to pull over and dump our boats every 10 minutes at least...I think thats what took the most time...

Camp on the Lakina River


Kellie with Castle Mountain


So if you watched the slide show in my last post you probably saw this same man sitting beside a dead goat with a knife in his hand. His name is Chris, ironic if you read my first post, and him and his client were the only people in camp, (think big) when me and Kellie floated down the Lakina River and spotted it. Awesome host, offered us a beer and breakfast, which were taken without regret....mmmmm...fresh bisquits, hash, and a Budweiser out in the middle of nowhere and 100% unexpected, added another dimension of awesomeness to an already incredibly awesome trip : )

The Hunting Guide Chris


Kellie on the Beautiful Lakina River

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Its unfortunate that I was getting so antsy on the last few miles of the Lakina...we were hoping to be out by 2pm...but it was more like 6 in the end, and I had to physically be at work at 7am in Anchorage the next morning...Its a good thing that this was an amazing trip because the next 6 days at work were a little brutal!


Kellie said...

Yeah!!! I love your write-up . . . so fun to read about the same experience . . . I had a few good laughs too :-)

Caitlin said...

You are such a little bad ass!! I love your pictures and stories of your adventures :) Can't wait to do more of them w/you!!