Monday, August 10, 2009

A New Backyard Treat: Ptarmigan Peak

In all the years that I have lived in and around Anchorage I had never been to the top of Ptarmigan Peak. When I woke up to a sunny day, it just seemed like a great idea to go check it out. I biked down Powerline Pass, and within 25 minutes was hiking up to the pass.

I love tarns, the water is always so clear around the edges and then turns deep blue as it gets deeper.

Ptarmigan Pass Tarn


The higher I went the more the clouds blew in and out around me. Its almost like the clouds are playing peek-a-boo with the mountains....

Rabbit Lake and South Suicide Peak


Even though the picture below isn't super high quality, I always love pictures that look back to where I started.

Powerline Pass Trail, Ridge to Flattop


I wasn't entirely sure where the true summit was. I came to one distinct top, but there was another craggier top not to much farther down the ridge. My watch said 5280 on the far one and 5255 on the closer to town top....the book says the elevation is 4,800ish....regardless it was cool to look straight down the S couloir while also being able to check out rabbit lakes, the suicide peaks, penguin peak, bird ridge, avalanche peak, o'malley I could see parts of the turnagain arm...the views were really awesome for such little time and effort.

Self Portrait

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I like hiking by myself. Its taken a long time to get over my "bearanoia" but now they don't really stress me out, I realize they are out there, but feel comfortable with taking my chances. Driving to and from the trail head is usually the most dangerous part of my day.


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Leah said...

You say you have gotten over your "bearanoia" and that driving to the hike tends to be the most dangerous part of your day. I like hiking alone as well but have a fear that I will fall and break something and then become some sort of bait. :) Any soothing words?