Friday, August 14, 2009

Even Rainy Days are Beautiful: Hatcher Pass

I was feeling severely unmotivated this morning looking out the window to find gray skies and blustery trees. Then a flock of ducks went by in V-formation....I think those ducks have got the right idea...

After a little crown royale treatment with a friend who had just took the NLCEX, it was past noon, and I made it out the door with a plan. I love Hatcher Pass, its been a favorite of mine since I got my drivers license. I've done the Reed Lakes trail as an overnight, day hike, and run/trot, and every way is fun, but today I went for a trot. Trotting is not running or hiking, but somewhere in between.

The First Lake


It was raining pretty hard when I left the car, sometimes its nice to just get soaked right off the bat, so that way I don't have to be so careful about puddles and wet bushes. Once you reach a certain saturation point, its not going to get any worse.

Rain Drops and Fireweed


I'm now on my fourth waterproof digital camera, I've always been a canon point and shoot user, and its been hard to switch brands...but this pentax is a lot faster than the 2 olympus's I tried last month...thank goodness for good return policies!

With all the rain coming down the mountains the water was just shooting out from this grass, it looked so cool.

High Pressure Water Fountain


Going up was almost easier than coming down...I had some spectacular slides in the mud, some parts were borderline treacherous. Even though I got soaked and muddy, it was still a great day out.

Looking Toward Archangel Valley

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