Sunday, August 9, 2009

Berry Pass to the 20 Mile River

Although I did this trip earlier this summer, it was well worth it to do it again. Raina, Heather, and I started at noon, and camped up at Berry Pass, then descended to the 20 mile the next morning. The salmon berries were out of control on the Girdwood side, we snacked the whole way up, it was too irresistible not to stop.

Raina and Heather Crossing a Raging Stream


I go in and out of phases where I really like and then don't like the same thing. I don't know entirely what turned me off of camping, but it just hasn't been my thing for about 5 years. I've come back around recently, and rediscovered the joys of waking up with only a thin piece of nylon separating me from the mountains.

Berry Pass


The float starts off fast and narrow, but gradually widens into a slow moving, deep river. I'm convinced that being in a boat is the only way to travel through this valley...the bushwhacking looks unappealing.

Heather and Raina


Heather with the Question Mark Glacier

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Bob said...

Your blog is awesome. You're like my hero.....

Sherrie Soltis said...

Thanks, that's the nicest thing anyone has every written on my wall...

Anonymous said...

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