Sunday, April 5, 2009

Eklutna Canyon

Ry and I got to the Canyon at 5pm, and I'm now convinced that's the perfect time to show up. There were 3 different parties leaving as we were walking in. Ry wanted to check out the new dry tool route at the end of the canyon. It looked fun, but we decided not to do it.

The Dam

The sun was hitting Annie Greensprings as we walked up to it. I won the rosh, the rock has been crushing my opponents lately!

Annie Greensprings

I'm always surprised at how steep the middle line is. This climb always looks way more mellow than it is.

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Boonesfarm is still huge, and kind of like a ladder. It was hilarious how many ice screw holes there were on certain ledges, lots of people have been climbing it. We also threw a top rope on Maddog on the way out. The right line is pretty thin, and the left line had a super crusty, hollow, skinny pillar coming down. Super fun climbing.

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