Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Last Day of Ice in Eagle River

After climbing some serious slushy ice last week, I was pretty uncertain by what we would find out in Echo Bend. From across the river the ice looked white and potentially rotten. There was not one ice bridge left across the river. It really wasn't until I actually swung my tool into the ice that I was convinced how good it really was.

Erin Crossing the Eagle River


Although I've climbed Three Ring Circus 3 times this winter, I still really like the route....mostly for the ambiance of sitting up higher in the mountains. The ice is moderate, and the climbing uncomplicated, it makes for a relaxing day out.

The Base of Three Ring Circus


I've never seen Spruce Pitch this big before. It must be over a 100 yards wide. The center line where Erin is in the pic below is super steep and really fun climbing.

Spruce Pitch


Spruce Pitch

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I feel like I've been saying goodbye to ice climbing for the season every time I've been out for the last 3 weeks...but I'm happy to keep being surprised and rewarded for my optimism.

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