Monday, December 1, 2008

Turnagain Pass

Back in Anchorage it was still dumping snow, so it only seemed right to go skiing. As we drove down the Seward Highway to Girdwood the clouds were down to the ground and the wind was whipping the snow across the road. I questioned whether we should even go outside, much less skiing, but optimism in the car prevailed and we continued down the road.

Lynn and Doug in Front of Tin Can


We figured that we would just ski the trees, but the farther we went up the better the visibility got, and then the whole mountain was in a big beautiful suckerhole.

Lynn Skinning up


Doug and Berkely


Other Skiers Skinning

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I made one run down from the top, and I think it was easily the best run of the season. It was knee to thigh deep, butter cream smooth, and the light was perfect. I twisted my ankle last week pretty good on Avalon falls, and its just not ready for skiing yet, so I took the one run and ran!

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