Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gotta Love the Highway

If you can get past the traffic running 10 feet away from the belay, climbing on the highway can be really good. Roadside Attraction and Candy Land are my two favorite places to climb off the road, and I was delighted to find both of them climbable.

Lynn Rappelling Down Roadside Attraction


Outside of being a super fun climb, the cool thing about Roadside Attraction is you can literally walk across the road, be in the car and driving within five minutes. So thats what we did.

Lynn Leading the First Pitch of Candy Land.


The first pitch of Candy land is pretty lean towards the top, so we climbed way left and then walked up on the bench to the second pitch. Again the top outs were pretty spicy with lots of rock and water. But still super fun climbing, and well worth a day out. We got four stellar pitches in with minimal postholing on a beautiful day.

Candy Land


Obligatory Top Out Shot

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