Friday, December 26, 2008

The Hillside Pillars

Ry, Lynn, Hugh, and I all woke up late and made a hungover assault on the Hillside Pillars. Well first we had to push Hugh's car which had gotten stuck in his driveway, but after that detour we still made it to Hatcher Pass by 1pm, plenty of time!

The snow was knee deep but so fluffy and pleasant at the same time. The climbs looked similar to the way they had a month ago. The left one was thinner at the bottom, but had gotten thick at the top, the rock chimneys is still bare of ice.

Me Leading the Left Pillar
Photo by: Lynn Peterson

Hugh is a die hard skier, and I don't think I have ever been out climbing with him before. It was fun to have him along, plus as a newbie he is a great ego boost,"that's the hardest route i've ever done" : ) Super good day out with friends!

Me, Lynn, and Hugh

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tracy said...

sherrie, your photos are beyond-words awesome!