Thursday, December 20, 2007


I thought I was going to be cold all day today, but down in Portage there was a thick layer of clouds, minimal wind, and this soft falling snow that made everything more friendly.

Bill walking toward the climb. Indecision is first and biggest smear of ice.


The first pitch unfortunately had a large pool of water around the majority of the base. Luckily there was a solid area on the far right of the climb, I have no idea how deep that pool is. Its so black you just can't tell. Plus it was making those haunting, scary, echoing, booming noises. The top of this pitch had a festive water spout, but luckily again for me there was just enough ice on the side. I won the rosh!


Most of the upper pitches were cruzey grade 2-3ish. There was a ton of ice!


My standard end of the day self portrait.

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