Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Caribou Creek

I love going out to Caribou creek, its a long burly day in many ways. First you have to get up early, drive 2+ hours, hike or ski 2 hours, and then finally you arrive at the climbs, which are also BIG. At least in comparison to most ice immediately around the Anchorage Area.
Bill and I had a fantastic day. I like to climb by the Ro-sham-bo method aka rock, paper, or scissors and let fate decide who wins the rosh. I was staring up at the first pitch of Cantellya making my peace with leading it, then went back to where Bill was and lost the rosh....I have this weird karma with roshing.....its a bit ass backwards, whenever I want to win the rosh I don't, and pitches that I dread leading the most, I typically win the rosh on....fate seems to want to make me be a better climber.

I took pictures of most of the climbs, click on the album to see them!

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