Monday, December 31, 2007

The Hillside Pillars....I love it There!

I'm never let down by a day out at the Hillside Pillars. Today was no exception. Cassie and I did both the left and right pillars. The ice was super brittle today despite the warm temperatures. Those of you who have dodged ice below me know that I am no dainty climber, I'm destructive with ice tools. But today was particularly incredible, I knocked down some BIG pieces, I'm talking torso size chunks. Luckily Cassie was nimble and managed to go unscathed by my carnage.

Cassie on the right pillar

There was this move about half way up that was so awkward feeling. I always feel a little more awkward when I lead, but this was notably awkward. I feel a bit devious to say this, but I was glad Cassie made it look awkward too!

Cassie doing the butt smear

Thank goodness for headlamps, when it gets dark so dang early they are just as essential as chocolate. This route is super friendly for night time descents.

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