Thursday, January 3, 2013

Caribou Creek Ice Climbing

I've never done this route and have always wanted to, but it hasn't been in stellar shape like this for years.  Bill and I did our customary rosh at the bottom and I won.  I made a belay before the steep pitch, I figured it would be challenging enough for me without rope drag, and it was.


 The second pitch felt steep, I definitely earned it.
Bill Coming up

In retrospect I probably should have continued up another 75 feet to the top of the next step, but at the time with only a couple screws left and pumped arms I just didn't want to do it.  Bill is a considerate leader and set an additional belay so as not to kill me with ice fall, but we climbed it in 4 and rappelled it in 2, just saying.
Start of the Last Pitch

Super fun route and always fun to climb something new, I'm definitely feeling like a crusty old ice climber.

On our way out we saw our friends Jonya climbing STD.  Another route for another day, and also an infrequently formed flow.
Tonya at the top of the pitch and Jon below

We still had some daylight left and Rhythm and blues was looking fat and juicy.  My gumption wasn't up to even rosh for the second pitch, and I guess Bill could tell because he gave me the first pitch without a word.  Plus the first pitch is my favorite on this route.

 Rhythm and Blues

Bill Leading the Top Pitch 

It was dark by the time we got back to the river, and cold enough at the car that the beer froze.

My Frozen Beer Volcano
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