Saturday, January 5, 2013

Another Foray into Caribou Creek

Caribou Creek has been amazing this season, and with temps still above zero out there it was an easy decision to go back.   None of us have climbed STD and were all game, Bill won the rosh.

Ryan with The Double Take Area Behind Him 

It was a long, beautiful pitch.  The climbing was steep and fun.

Ryan Following STD 

 The Double Take area was just a short walk away, I was in rotation for the next pitch, and from far way the old Double Take looked steep and unrelenting.  I was feeling happy to pass the lead on, until I stood underneath it, and it looked doable.   It was as steep as it looked from far away, but the ice was reasonable and I made it up with only a little internal whining.
Me, Bill and Ryan at the Top of The Old Double Take 

Bill Rappelling The Old Double Take 

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