Monday, February 27, 2012

Lots of Snow in Eagle River Valley

I was expecting a lot of snow out in Eagle River, but I was still surprised by its depth. The ski in was awesome, all the underbrush around the climbs is buried deep. Three Ring circus looked more like a ski run than an ice climb. There wasn't a whole lot sticking out around Hollow Icicle either, so we bee lined to the blue ice on Spruce Pitch.

A Buried Three Ring Circus

The Route Next to Spruce Pitch

Usually the route next to Spruce Pitch is super steep and fun, but it formed up a little different this year, and there were funky bulges on top of the detached hanging pillars...We debated the top-rope but in the end just ran laps on Spruce Pitch.

Ryan Leading Spruce Pitch

Ryan and I Leaving
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A nice day out in a pretty area....probably won't be back till next year!

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