Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Christmas Amphitheater

Jon Cobb and I skied then hiked on a bomber trail to the Hunter creek Christmas amphitheater. The river crossing at the fork looks worse than it feet didn't even get wet!

There was a ton of snow in the amphitheater and neither Jon or I could stomach the thought of shoveling ourselves up the more moderate we decided to take a closer look at the more adventurous routes.

We had the longest ro-sham-bo game I've ever had, I don't think either of us was trying to win, I know I wasn't. But armed with a ton of screws and a new attitude to take it one screw at a time, I started up.

The Reach Around

The route looked harder than it was, not that I flew up it with ease, instead I very slowly scratched my way through some interesting, steep ice, a very satisfying and aesthetic line.

The Amphitheater

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A great day out filled with low expectations that were merrily exceeded.

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