Monday, January 30, 2012

A Short Day at the Bluffs

After a minor morning setback doing crampon repairs, Ryan and I returned to Saltwater Drive, and descended down the bluffs. We walked past all the same climbs and decided to try and top rope Red Line, a beautiful unrelentingly steep amalgamation of thinly bonded icicles. A whole lot of post holing, and one rappel later we were back on the beach, no closer to our goal.

Ryan on the Beach


Neither of us were feeling up to leading Dog Day, although in retrospect......I'm always much braver.

So we climbed back up to the rim on Close to Home, a deceptively awkward, ledgy, single pitch climb, and went back to our sweet little place above the Mermaid Bookstore.


Homer is definitely a worthy weekend destination when the ice is in. I'd like to come back with bigger biceps and more mo-jo and get on the pretty lines.

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