Thursday, November 17, 2011

Indecision and the PFM Wall

Bill and I headed south to Portage with thoughts of warm temps and fat ice. We did the full tour to the Whittier tunnel, things were pretty buried in snow, and the lake was still open. Across the valley, Indecision was like a beacon, it looked huge and promising from the road.

Despite the cold temps the swamp still had quite a few sections of thin ice, creating unfortunate little booby traps. The pool below Indecision was scary, small rocks I threw embedded themselves in the not so frozen ice. It was a "no go" situation.

So we walked back to the car, I wrang out my wet, swampy socks, and we decided to look closer at the PFM wall. I didn't see the line, but Bill was all over it.

It was steep and pretty. Bill cruised it. It was a super fun line, I'm glad I was on top rope.

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