Sunday, November 27, 2011

Ram Valley

Ryan and I were feeling ambitious so we decided to check out Ram valley. Neither of us had been back there since our picket misadventure a couple years ago, and we both wanted to look at the huge couloir that comes down Raina Peak.

Ryan and I

We debated whether or not to go up Ram valley or Peeking valley. In the end we decided to go up Peeking, and it was a slog of ambition killing proportions.

Up Through the Under Brush

The sun that had so briefly shined upon us at the beginning was long gone by the time we were above tree line. It was pee soup conditions of the most nauseating magnitude.

Skinning Up the Valley Below Peeking Mtn

Pea Soup Disappointed Faces

When it became clear that we would never make it back to the base of the couloir before dark, we put our thinking caps back on.

Digging a Pit

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In the end we went a little farther up, peeled our skins, and bailed back down the long white valley.

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