Monday, January 24, 2011

Victoria's Secret

I haven't been out a ton of times this season, but twice now I have forgotten my harness. Bill stayed at Victoria's Secret while I went back to the house. When I got to the base he was all fired up to lead the left side, in my absence he had already climbed the right. The last time I was here I got so flamed out on top rope I was a bit impressed by Bill's ambitions.

Bill at the Base of Victoria's Secret


Bill cruised the left side, making it look easy, while I belayed at the bottom lamenting the fact that I am fat and old.

Bill Leading the Left

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We ran laps, (I did 2 in a row), got gripped (probably only me), and enjoyed a beautiful day in the trees. Got to start somewhere I guess.

The Right Side

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AlpineEssence said...

Tell Bill he needs to get a skinny rope or two for thin ice - we want him to stick around!