Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Ice Skating on Portage Lake

I heard about these skates that you can use your skate ski boots with years ago, but it wasn't until today that I used a pair (a big thanks to Tonya for making that happen). The blade on the bottom is longer and wider than a hockey or figure skate. They can cut through snow and textures on the ice well. The hardest part of the whole day involved me clipping in to them.


The ice on the lake was variable, long stretches of bumpy ripples, smooth sections with large hoar frost crystals, and sections where the ice had separated and froze back together.

Smooth Hoar Frost Sprinkled Ice


I skated to the biggest piece of ice visible from the parking lot, and wished that I had a partner! It was in real nice. I skated to the end of the lake, and to the base of the glacier. The lake made lots of deep booming noises that were pretty creepy, but nothing happened that I could see.

Hands Across the Water


My Frosty Hair

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AlpineEssence said...

Always with the sweet self-portait!!!

Jake Gano said...

Hi Sherrie, how long did it take you to get from the parking the Hands? It's a route I've wanted to do for awhile and I'm thinking of riding my studded-tire bike back there this weekend and checking it out. Thanks, Jake

Sherrie Soltis said...

It was about a 15 minute skate across the lake, super fun easy travel, a bike would be perfect, it was a bit bumpy for ice skating, have fun out there!!