Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Ski Tracks is Only a Name

Bill and I tried to do ski tracks on Ptarmigan Peak last year but a series of events lead to an early bail on the climb, and we were both game to go back. This time we were up and out the door even earlier than usual, and were riding our bikes over a dusting of snow by headlamp.

I have to say I'm a bit confused why this route is called ski tracks....I just couldn't see myself ever skiing this route...maybe with more snow it looks like ski tracks? Feel free to comment if you've climbed it : )

Looking Up


Pitch 1: Bill Scratchin it Up


The climbing was very interesting. I like it even though it can be very tenuous and awkward. I think I got as pumped from trying to bang pitons out as I did climbing, but I was still psyched Bill was happy to lead all the pitches. Definitely not quite there on this terrain yet.

Top of Pitch 1


I had dreamed, but never really thought we would get to climb ice. It was thin, but surprisingly sticky, a really aesthetic line.

Beautiful Ice Pitch

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I ended up finishing the finishing the last pitch by headlamp, and then we went up and over the peak, down to Ptarmigan Pass, then back on the bikes. Awesome day out, it felt like full on winter up there.

Note to Self: Definitely time for double long undies and hand warmers.


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