Sunday, July 25, 2010

Looking at the Mendenhall

While I was in Juneau I was fortunate to be able to stay with my wonderful friend Bridgette, her boyfriend George and their dog Otis over on Douglas Island. Bridgette and I go back a few years to when we used to work on the "mighty Mendenhall" glacier together. Many interesting times up there together. We decided to walk out to the West glacier trail together and check on the conditions and changes that had happpened since I have been gone.

The fungus was out of control. I have never seen so many types of mushrooms before.



The blue of a glacial ice is unique and one of my favorite colors.

Glacier in zoom


The trail was steeper and more slippery than I remembered it being, but beautiful, fun and engaging.

Bridgette coming up

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If you look really close the picture below has 3 helicopters and a small tent on the far left of the picure below the ice fall. The next picture is that tent on zoom.

The Mendenhall Glacier


The Lower Site for Temsco Helicopters


Bridgette going back Down

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Even though it wasn't sunny it was still a very nice walk through the woods. The glacier has melted at least 500 feet off the rocks since 4 years ago. It was shocking to see how much rounder the ice has become.


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