Friday, July 9, 2010

Long Lake is a Long Way

I finally connected with Tanya after a month and a half of busy schedules and she said she was looking for some good exercise. I'm always looking to get out for a long day with like minded people so we hatched a plan.

I've done a lot of repeat hikes/peaks in the front range and was looking for something different. I decided that E. Tanaina or Koktoya peak were reasonable objectives, and that we could decide which looked more appealing once we were back there. So we went up Near point and then dropped into the Long Lake valley.

Valley Heading to Long Lake


I knew it was going to be a relatively long way back there, but it still took me by surprise how long this valley was. Finally we saw long lake and E. Tanaina peak looked pretty appealing. So up we went.

Tanya with Long Lake


This was one of those peaks that have many false summits. I think Tanya was ready to back hand me if I said one more time, "I can see the top", so I stayed out of striking distance : )

Traversing the Long Ridge of E. Tanaina Peak


The view from the top was beautiful. I love looking over into other valleys and seeing how close things are in the mountains. I'm inspired to do the whole ridgeline, and then hop over the pass to Williwa lake.

Looking Out to the Alaska Range

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Instead of coming back out Near point we did a loop and came out the Dome trail. Long fulfilling day out! Big thanks to Rick and Suresh for meeting Tanya and I at the trail head for a ride, and for bringing a cold delicious beer! Your the best!

Note to self: The left side of the valley has better game trails, and suck up the elevation gain to get to the ridge on the Dome side, don't side hill.


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