Friday, April 9, 2010

Historical Day on Sunburst

It was a pretty monumental occasion when Tanya said that she would be up for a day of ski touring with me, and then we actually went. The temps were cool, the sun was out, and Sunburst was a beacon of heavenly looking creamy powder.

Skinning Up


Tanya and I on Top of Sunburst


Although the snow in the sun wasn't really as powdery as it appeared, the snow in the shade was as good as it looked. I've never skied the back side of sunburst, but it was filled in really deep and was super fun.

Tanya Skiing the Backside of Sunburst


Although Tanya kept saying what a crap skier she was all day, there were no catastrophic yard sale events. I'm pretty sure she was sand bagging.

Tanya's Graceful Falling

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Super fun day out, with the most unlikely ski partner ever, and looking forward to next time!

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