Friday, April 16, 2010

Amulet Peak Approach

Ryan and I met Bill and Betsy at Hicks creek. Our packs went into the sled, and Ryan, Bill and I took turns riding on the back of the sled and machine. Betsy dropped us off a few miles down river at Monument Valley. From here we skinned through the trees and contoured around to the entrance of the side valley below Amulet Peak.

Snow Machine Ride


I'm glad Bill had been up here before because otherwise we would have kept going up where you need to go down to get across a very steep ravine, it was completely counter intuitive. Considering the amount of bush whacking potential, it was actually a pretty gently route up valley. It took about 8 hours to get near the base of the peak.

Camp Below Amulet Peak


We camped below Amulet Peak protected by a natural moat from the avalanche potential above. Every aspect had avalanche activity. There was a heavy 6-8 inches on top of 2-4 feet of sugary facets...super crappy snow pack.

I learned never to try and squeeze a hot 'mountain house' meal into a jacket pocket, it was a turkey tetrazzini explosion, complete with noodles stuck to my coat, vest, skirt, and inside pockets even.

We went to sleep with the sound of snow falling on the tent, then wind gusts and woke early to cloudy skies and 4-6 inches of fresh snow. We were all a bit nervous about heading up the very exposed gullet into guaranteed spin-drifts all day, and high potential for rock fall and avalanches. I think Bill and I were ready to talk ourselves into looking a little closer, but Ry was the voice of reason, it just didn't really add up.

Ski Track Down


Amulet peak is beautiful, the face is steep with a darker line of alpine ice. It looked exciting, I'd like to go back when there is less snow sitting above.

Coming down through the trees was less than enjoyable with leather boots and a heavy pack. It was slow going and next time I would probably think about climbing in ski boots rather than skiing in climbing boots.

The Brutal Tree Descent

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Lots of big beautiful peaks back there, definitely want to go back.

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